Monday, July 30, 2018

Dan Claudepierre’s home at 5:00

Hi all,
     This Sunday, August 5th will be our first reunion meeting at Dan Claudepierre’s home at 5:00—changed from the original 7:00.  Please byob, a meat (or anything you want) to put on the grill and a side to share!  Bring your ideas-we are going to have fun!  And, Carol Afanador will be here! 
     Kevin and I sent out the first letter to the entire class.  Many came back, which we will work on this week.  We’ve already had several responses-which we will bring on Sunday.
     Dan’s address is:
               (Ask for address) I don't post address's on here, call or message.

     A good starting point to get to his house is the intersection of Alex Bell and Wilmington (Shell Station is on this corner).  Turn onto Wilmington (away from Kroger), pass Centerville Station Rd where there is a blinking red light.  The next street is Lac Lamen which you can only turn right.  Go straight and up into the cul-de-sac veering a little to the right into his driveway.  He has a blue house.   
     Please e-mail me back if you are coming so we have an approximate count. 
     Lots of ideas to talk about!

~Susie & Kevin          

50 year reunion is coming up next year!

Hi all!
     Yes, you’re reading it correctly---our 50 year reunion is coming up next year!  We’re having our first real meeting next Sunday at Dan Claudepierre’s (who graciously accepted leading us again!)
     We’ve been batting around some ideas, but need all of your input.  When would you like to have it---August, September, or other?  Do you want Friday and Saturday---or start on Thursday?  What are you interested in doing and how much money do you want to spend-(we have kept our costs  very low in previous years)?  Casual Friday night outing—possibly at the hotel like we had at our 45th?  Golf outing on Saturday?  CHS Football game? Tour of Magsig-which is a middle school now! Dayton Dragons Baseball game?  Nice dinner on Saturday night?  Please send us your suggestions so we can start checking things out.
     Also, it’s time to update our database.  This is a really big undertaking.  Please, please help us out and send--- you and your spouse’s name (so many names have changed!), your address and landline phone number as well as your cell phone number, and very importantly, your e-mail.  Even if it hasn’t changed---please send it so we can update everyone.  If we don’t get it, we’ll be calling you with the number we have-hoping it hadn’t changed.  Also, we are going to include the names of the classmates we weren’t able to get ahold of last reunion.  If you have any idea-maybe siblings’ names—send those and hopefully we can find them!   Thanks in advance for your help!

~Susie & Kevin Jones

Claudia  Allen Galloway
Francie Anderson
Deborah Lee Bigl Driver
Pat Black
Steve Brittingham
David Brooks
Bill Carter
Harold Cole
Debbie Ewald
Lynn Fischer Mulder
Debbie Gaiser Shea
Gail Gazeley
Helga Hoffman
Debbie Holland Wilson
Mike Lane
Kitty Lowell Burger
Larry Melampy
Kathy Milne Stevens
Michelle Nicholson
Elizabeth Olson
Christy Pieper Wente
Donna Ryan
Ed Sellman
Lezly Stapleton
Janet Templeton Hail
Gretchen Waldfogle Labrie

Monday, July 23, 2018

Archer’s Thursday, July 26 around 6:30

Hi all!
     Hoping to see you back at Archer’s on Dorothy Lane this Thursday, July 26 around 6:30.  We’ll be in the Fireplace Room (not the front section).
     Start thinking about reunion ideas!   Reunion meeting at Dan Claudepierre’s home on Sunday, August 5 at 7:00.  Please BYOB and an app to share!!! 

~Susie & Kevin