Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Reunion Party 6:30pm on June 21st at the McBain

Hi All!!! Here is Bob’s invitation to his annual summer CHS bash! Please e-mail Bob if you can come so he can prepare!. As we have gotten older, we all need a bit of preparing! Bob’s e-mail is: Hope to see you there! ~Susie Let's get the word out ya'll. Reunion Party 6:30pm on June 21st at the McBain split Rail Lodge (well it's just my backyard with a pool & a few party lights). BYOB & Bring a dish if ya can. We'll have " samiches " and drinks for any Bushmen, Ants, Crawlers, or any other free loaders that show up. CHRA and Dayton Outlaws are not invited. (your hoods and don't fight fair) All guns to be registered at the door - Yea Archdeacons, that means you too! Those that haven't been for a while will have to come to see Danl's new "Mans Haircut"; or so Raz would label it. Hope it's nice, and hope to see ya'll here. Ranger Bob alias; Bobby Banylon