Thursday, May 23, 2013

Tim Shroyer Tonight May 23rd. , Ann Murphy next Friday May 31st. Harrigans changed to May 31st.

Hi all! I know this is really last minute but------------------we were going to have our last Thursday of the month dinner changed to the last Friday because Anne Murphy is coming in to town and really wants to get with everyone. Then--------------Kevin just called me and said that Tim Shroyer just called him and he’s in town and would so love to see everyone! Kevin and I will be meeting with him at Harrigan’s tonight around 6:30 or so. Don’t know how many will get this message in the next couple of hours—but if so----maybe you can come over to Harrigan’s and see Tim! Otherwise---hope to see you next FRIDAY at Harrigan’s. Ann is so looking forward to seeing a lot of old friends!!!! ~Susie