Wednesday, November 16, 2016

November 17 dinner at Geez

Hi All!!!
     We’re having our November dinner at Geez a week early because of Thanksgiving!   Sorry I’m late getting this out---a bit busy yesterday---welcomed our first grandson!!!!  Landon Robert Jones is our son Andy and his wife’s first child.  We are so happy---now we have three granddaughters and one grandson!!! YEAH!
     Hope to see you This Thursday at Geez---about 6:30.


Monday, October 24, 2016

Thursday night, October 27th around 6:30!!!!!

Hi All!
     Hope to see you at Geez - this Thursday night, October 27th around 6:30!!!!!


Tuesday, September 27, 2016

THIS Thursday, September 29th around 6:30 at Geez.

Hi All!
What better way to welcome the fall weather than having a nice dinner at Geez with wonderful friends!   Hoping to see you all THIS Thursday, September 29th around 6:30 at Geez. 
Please tell us if you’ll be there! 


Monday, August 22, 2016

Geez around 6:30 August 25th

Hi All!
Thought we’d get together on this final Thursday of August!!!!!!  Hope to see you at Geez around 6:30! 
Please tell me if you’re coming – I’ll be calling Geez on Thursday morning to give them the count----hoping to at least get the large round table!!!

Monday, August 8, 2016

Carol Afanador is coming into town

I am resending this---for some reason, last month’s letter went out to some-so please respond again if you are coming-thanks---~s

Hi All!
     We’re having a special Thursday night dinner at Geez THIS Thursday, August, 11th a 6:30.  Carol Afanador is coming into town and wants so badly to see everyone!!!  I have also heard through the grapevine that possibly two other CHS friends might also come!!!! 
     Last month’s dinner proved to be really nice—the 15 people fit nicely around our large and small tables.  I think we might have more this Thursday, and I need to call in the total on Thursday morning.  Please e-mail me back if you are coming so we can reserve enough space!


Wednesday, July 27, 2016

GEEZ Thursday 28th July

Hi all!
     Hoping to see you at GEEZ THIS Thursday night at 6:30
     Unfortunately, I called to reserve the larger round table (early last week) but someone else beat me to it, so we have the two smaller round tables beside it.  She told me that they really can’t be put together as we would lose more seats than gain.  I must call Thursday morning to tell them how many people are coming.  If we have the crowd we had last month---they’ll figure something else out.  We may have to put several square tables end to end---but hey, we sat like that at Harrigan’s and it was just fine. 
     Please write me back to tell me how many will be coming.


Monday, June 27, 2016

GEEZ at 6:30 this Thursday, June 30th 2016

Hi all!
     Last Thursday of the month—and time for dinner at GEEZ.  We have two out of towners this week!  John Heisel said that Dave Van House is coming and Connie Link is still in town for another week, so she’ll also be there!  There might possibly be one more—but not sure.
     Hope to see you at GEEZ at 6:30 this Thursday!!!!


Monday, May 23, 2016

Connie Link will be in town and promises to be there 5-26-2016

Hi all!
          We’re going back to Geez this Thursday at 6:30.  We had a nice time last month---although fitting 14 people around a 10-12 top was a bit snug!   A couple of people didn’t think their food was any better than Harrigan’s—but the majority did.  We can always go somewhere else in June!
          And……………………drums rolling……………Connie Link will be in town and promises to be there!!!!!
         Hope to see you there.


Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Guess What

Some of the website is not working because the site got deactivated by the host company because of malware.  I have deleted a lot of the site.  I think that is was someone who posted in one of those guest sing-in pages that posted something that linked to a malware site.  I got hacked,  Not my computer just the website. 

I'll be working on getting things back up.


Monday, April 25, 2016

Hope to see you at GEEZ this Thursday April 28th.---6:30

Hi all,

     We thought we’d change our restaurant this month---just see how it is!

     Hope to see you at GEEZ this Thursday---6:30.   GEEZ is located behind Taco Bell on Far Hills north of Whipp Road.  Prices are comparable, but the food is much better----and so is the popcorn!!!!

     Since this is the first time---please RSVP via this e-mail (you can still come if you don’t!)  so we can try to save enough tables.  We’ll start off at the large round table that fits 10-12 and go from there!



Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Harrigan’s this Thursday around 6:30.

Hi all!
     Hoping to see you at Harrigan’s this Thursday around 6:30.
     Louie Crooks e-mailed me.  He is coming into town this week and plans to join us!!!


Dan Clark passed away

Dear all,
     Again we have sad news to share.  Dan Clark passed away Thursday, March 23rd at Hospice of Dayton.  Both Dan and Candy appreciated all the prayers and kind thoughts that were sent to them during this time.
     Dan’s funeral service has been set for April 16th at First Lutheran Church of Dayton located at 138 W. First Street.  There will be visitation 1:00-3:00 with a memorial service following.  
     If you would like to send condolences to Dan’s wife, Candy and their family, their address is:  by e-mail:

     And again, if anyone needs some extra thoughts and prayers, please e-mail me and I’ll send it along to our classmates. 

~Susie Merrill Jones

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Harrigan’s THIS Thursday- 2-25-2015

Hi all!
     Hope to see you all at Harrigan’s THIS Thursday---around 6:30-7:00!!!!!


Monday, January 25, 2016

Harrigan’s Thursday, January 28th

Hi all!
     Hope to see you at Harrigan’s this Thursday, January 28th around 6:30-7:00!

~Susie & Carol (mentally)

Friday, January 8, 2016

Mary Ann Goetchus

Hello all,
     We do have some very sad news to share. Bob Mehlberth sent an e-mail telling us that Mary Ann Goetchus died late Sunday night at Hospice of Dayton.  I have waited to share this so I could include her obituary, but there hasn’t been one posted.  Bob said that her wishes were to be cremated and only have a very private funeral service.  If you would like to make a donation, please check out the obituaries for later information.
      As this is the beginning of a new year---we wish everyone continued happiness and great health.
      Anybody out there having a hard time accepting this Medicare thing?  J  I was expecting the decisions to be overwhelming, but it was pretty easy!   Lots of us get together at Harrigan’s every month for dinner and the topic has been which Medicare Supplement to get!  HA!  I’m sure none of us actually thought when we were turning 50 and started these dinners that in 15 years we would be talking about Medicare!!! 
     Just a reminder---please e-mail us with updated address, phone number and e-mail changes!

~Susie & Kevin Jones