Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Harrigan's this Thursday

Hi all,

Hope to see you at Harrigan's this Thursday-23 FEB. 2012-around 6:30 or so!

~Susie & Carol

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Sue Wiley Cook passed away last night

    Good morning to all,
     On this unusually warm and beautiful February morning, I am so sorry to pass on this very sad news.  Sue Wiley Cook passed away last night.  She has had several bouts of cancer.   Sue is being cremated but there will be a memorial service in the near future.  You can check for more information.
     Not everyone knows-except those very special ones--Sue was one of the original classmates who started kindergarten together.  That special set has lost quite a few: Chuck Thomas, Dick Campbell, Chris Chase, Curt Geiger, Nancy Erickson, Mike Rummans, Dana Stull, Larry Shuff, Greg Cowden, Bill Johnson, and now Sue. 
     Sue tried to make as many of our monthly Thursday night dinners at Harrigans.  Several people will be getting together tonight to just, well, get together.  If you'd like to come---be there around 6:00.
     If you'd like to send a card to her husband, Milton I've included her address. 

           Milton Cook
           3611 E. Lower Springboro
           Waynesville, Ohio

     ~Susie Merrill Jones